The Beginning

    First and foremost, I would love to say that I am a mother of a beautiful daughter. I have a family like most homes do and own 2 cats and 2 dogs that keep my ideas fresh. My little business is ran by supporters like you who keep this handmade shop alive. We began our small little shop in 2014. With many shops hesitant to offer a custom chain martingale collar for our family dog, having had history from my mother's sewing machine skills, I was pushed to make my own. It wasn't long before I began to receive requests to create more. People started complimenting the collars and the compliments haven't stopped. That's when and how Dream N' Design came to be. Since then, we have designed our fabulous Matching Bella-Leash and our new Quick Slip Collar. We are overwhelmed by the amount of love we have received and that is what keeps us going everyday! 

    I search high and low for the best and cutest designs possible. I create each collar from start to finish in my studio. I do all of my own photography, editing and advertising. I find enjoy in getting the chance to share pictures of happy pups in their very own Dream N' Design Dog Collar. Thank you all so much for visiting.

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Photo of Calvin, modeling the popular summer Nautical Plaid Martingale Chain Collar